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Not Just Another Pretty Face

Not Just Another Pretty Face

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Childhood sexual abuse can leave an indelible mark on the soul, as was the case with Shenita. On the outside, she appeared happy, but secretly she faced the pain of sexual abuse and abandonment like so many people. Follow Shenita as she takes you on a journey through the dark world of victimization, recounting her experiences with rape and molestation, and as she shines a light on the cruelties many girls and women suffer daily. Furthermore, witness her triumph as she refused to be defined by these experiences and to grow from them.


Not Just Another Pretty Face is about unmasking the pain we often conceal daily behind our smiles. This story will inspire you to explore the hidden strength lurking deep within you that will not only enable you to survive life's most difficult seasons, but also thrive and become a better version of yourself. There's more inside of you than you know - a greatness just waiting to be unleashed. You're more than what meets the eye.

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