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Bestsellers Book Launch Program

Bestsellers Book Launch

If you want to become a #1 bestselling author and see your book hit multiple bestsellers lists, then you need an experienced mentor to help you create a detailed launch plan and execute a proven strategy that guarantees results!

Imagine having a master choreographer bring all the pieces together for you at the right time to ensure you haven’t left anything out and that you have everything in place to hit the #1 bestsellers list with your book.

Most authors make crucial mistakes when they publish their books and see zero or little sales as a result.  


You’ve put all this time, energy, heart and soul into your book…don’t stop there.  It’s time for you to become a bestselling author!

Become an Amazon, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and International bestseller

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What you get with this program:

  • Guaranteed to become a #1 Bestseller

  • Weekly or by-weekly coaching calls with our book launch specialist

  • Publishing your book on Amazon KDP

  • Researching keywords and categories

  • Setting up your Launch

  • Soft launch with book reviews

  • Increased credibility as an author

  • and more

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