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Book Marketing Services

Annie Jennings PR

Annie Jennings PR is rated as one of America's top public relations firms. Annie Jennings has helped thousands of authors gain top media coverage in their field. From television appearances to radio interviews, Annie Jennings PR is the go-to place for all of your media needs. To book an appointment, click the link below.

Have you written a book but you aren't sure whether or not it is good enough to stand toe-to-toe with the industry's best? Do you want honest feedback about your book? Do you want your book to be reviewed by a community of book lovers who'll give you their honest opinion about what they think about your book. Well, Blue Ink Review is what you need. Click on the link to learn more and to get started.

Blue Ink Book Review
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Bestsellers Book Launch Program

Do you have to be popular to become a bestselling author? Or have tens of thousands of social media followers? No. Actually, you just need the right team behind you to launch your book the right way and put your book on the path to becoming a #1 bestseller. To see if you qualify, schedule a consultation call today!

To view our publishing packages, click here.

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