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Book Cover Design

An attractive book cover is one of the most important investments you can make for your book. Let us design your book cover. Cover designs include front cover, back cover, spine, book blurb, and 3D cover mock up.

$500 for ebooks

$900 for softcover books

$1,100 for hardcover books (with dust jacket)


Typesetting & Formatting

A book's interior design yields instant credibility with its readers. It gives readers a pleasant reading experience by sparing them from the distractions of poor typography and other design flaws.


(up to 25,000 words/100 standard pages. $5 per additional page. Up to 10 free image insertions. $10 per additional image)

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Graphic Design

We create designs for flyers, brochures, banners, business cards, and other print and digital media.

$125 per design


Writing Coach Session

Do you need a coach who will guide you through the process of developing your book? Take advantage of our Writing Coach service. We will provide the following:

  • Manuscript evaluation (if manuscript is available)

  • Help organizing your thoughts onto paper

  • Help with structuring your book

  • Help with developing your characters, plot-line, arguments, and more

  • Help with research for your book

  • Help with creating an outline for your book

$300 for 1 one-hour Writing Coach session

$500 for 2 one-hour Writing Coach sessions

$1,000 for 4 one-hour Writing Coach sessions



We examine the text for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, ensuring that commas, dashes, colons and semicolons are being properly used.

$5 per page

Line Editing

We focus on word choice, rhythm, syntax (the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language), and the overall strength of each sentence. We ensure sentences are powerful and concise, eliminating wordiness by trimming unnecessary words. This form of editing ensures that the words chosen by the author are the best choice for conveying the intended message.

$10 per page


Developmental Editing

We examine everything from plot to character development, pacing, structure and dialogue. We examine the text for any inconsistencies, such as plot holes and continuity errors, and explore how the text communicates the author’s intended theme and idea.

$20 per page



Need us to write your manuscript for you? No problem - we got you covered. With our Ghostwriting Service, you will receive the following:

  • A professionally and beautifully written manuscript that readers will love

  • Manuscript proofread before release

$50 per page

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Audiobook Creation

Do you have a book you want to convert into an audiobook? Well, we got you covered. With this service, you will receive:

  • Your choice of narrator for your audiobook

  • A beautifully and professionally produced recording

  • Distribution of your audiobook on all audiobook platforms


Starting at $5,000


Online Course Creation

Do you have a book you want to convert into an online course? You've come to the right place. With this service, we will:

  • Create your online course content using your book (or from scratch if you don't have a book)

  • Create your powerpoint presentation and downloads

  • Create your Online Course Website and upload your courses, and more


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