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Are you a Christian Author or Coach who is looking to create an Online Course for your Brand?

We can turn your story or expertise into an online course.

Don't bother with the guesswork or the hassle of trying to do it yourself. Let us do the work for you.

What's your problem?

You're a problem solver. You endeavor to help others solve specific problems in their lives. You want to inspire, educate and transform others with your expertise. You have the solutions to their problems, whether those problems be...

  • Relationship Problems

  • Personal Development Problems

  • Mental and Emotional Healing Problems

  • Spiritual Growth Problems

  • Health and Fitness Problems

  • Business and Entrepreneurship Problems

  • Financial Problems


However, you have a problem!

You're lacking the tools needed to do what you want to do. Those tools consist of...

  • A lack of branding

  • A lack of clear messaging

  • No digital products to offer

  and more.

Well, the solution to your problem is here. Let us take care of your e-course needs so you can focus on taking care of the problems of others.


Join the fastest growing industry in the world: the
E-Learning Industry!

Online Courses are a great way to establish passive income. Just create them and then set them up once and they repeatedly sell themselves, allowing you to reap the financial benefits on a continuous basis.

Furthermore, this $400 billion a year industry - which, by the way, is growing at a rapid pace - is the perfect way to get your message across to those who need what you have to offer. Unlike books, online courses provide audiences with a much more interactive and engaging learning experience. And as research shows, people are more apt to sign up for an online course than read a book because online courses engage more of their senses: sight, sound, and hearing. 

People tend to trust you and connect with you more when they can see your face and hear your voice. This makes online courses more appealing and effective than books.

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Book cover palet.png

We'll take care of everything for you:

  • Create your online course & course materials

  • Create your brand (website, brand message, logo)

  • Build your sales funnel so you can generate leads

  • Create a marketing strategy & marketing materials 

  • Provide unlimited customer service support

We take care these things for you so you can...

  • Focus on impacting and transforming lives

  • Enjoy greater financial independence

Presented by Timothy Flemming, Jr.,
Founder & CEO at T&J Publishers

Hi. Timothy Flemming, Jr. is my name. I've spent more than ten years assisting others in writing and releasing their books. I've collaborated with hundreds of people, transforming their ideas into appealing books and telling their narratives in the most intriguing and compelling ways possible. I've worked with a variety of folks, including athletes and celebrities, success coaches, pastors, and therapists. I've turned aspiring writers into published authors; I'm a published author and an award-winning writer. And right now, I'm converting writers into coaches. We can build a group of influencers by working together to better the world.

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