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Coping With The Un-Copable

Coping With The Un-Copable

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Statistics have revealed that the inability to cope with emotional stress remains the leading cause of sickness, disease, and untimely death. In this book, Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr., under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, releases practical strategies for effectively managing your emotions. This book makes a poignant case for the spiritual healing of emotional pain and hurt. It reveals the source of destructive emotions and teaches us how to properly cope with these emotions and the circumstances behind them. This is a must read for everyone who has experienced emotional storms in their lives. On your journey through this book, you will discover: 

How to Cope with Rejection
How to Cope with Depression
How to Cope with Death
How to Cope with Fear
How to Cope with Bitterness
How to Cope with Anger
and more.

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