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New York City

According to the New York Times

"81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them -- and that they should write it," however, only 3% of people actually write a book. Most people don't accomplish their goal of writing a book because they lack confidence in their writing. Many don't know where to begin in the writing process, which leads to crippling frustration. Writer's block often creeps in, and then they unfortunately abandon their dream altogether.

But that doesn't have to be your story.

What you'll get with this course

Confidence as a writer

If you struggle in the area of confidence concerning writing, you're not alone. Millions of people wrestle with this issue. They think they lack what it takes to be a good writer and talk themselves out of writing a book. But writing becomes easy when you know the techniques good writers use.

With this course, you will learn the simple and easy techniques used by exceptional writers and grow your confidence as a writer.

Free Resources

You'll receive a wealth of free resources along with the course material:

  • PDF downloads

  • Easy-to-follow Book Outline Templates you can use right away

  • A list of literary agents

  • Access to articles that provide examples of book cover designs and formatting ideas

  • And more

Clarity concerning your writing goals

What are your writing goals? Do you have any? Of course, we know your ultimate goal is to write a book, but do you know the small steps to take to accomplish that goal? For example, do you know what type of book to write, who your target audience is, how long your book should be, or how to set a launch date for your book?

In this course, you will receive clear step-by-step guidance from start to finish so that you will not only know what to say in your book, but what to do after it is completed.


Gain access to our exclusive Facebook group where you'll be surrounded by a community of like-minded people you can talk to. Gain support for your goals. Share and receive ideas from others in the group concerning your writing.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

The 4 Most Asked Questions About Writing A Book

In this module, we'll cover the top questions people have about writing a book: 

  • Should you write a book?

  • What qualifies you to write a book?

  • What topic should you write about?

  • How long should your book be?


Module 3

Getting Organized

In this module, we'll discuss how to

  • Develop a theme

  • Structure your book

  • Properly title your book and its chapters

  • Develop an outline for your book

  • Create your Table of Contents

Colorful Notebooks

Module 5

The Book Is Complete - Now What?

In this module, we'll discuss

  • How to publish your book

  • How to market and promote your book

  • How to build a platform for your book

  • How to find a literary agent


Module 2

Preparation for Writing

In this module, we'll discuss what type of book you should write, go through a few writing warmup exercises, and teach you how to create an atmosphere that allows your creativity to flow freely during the writing process. Like any good athlete, you have to warmup before you jump into any performance.

Athlete Stretching Legs

Module 4

Writing Your Book

In this module, we'll discuss

  • How to start a chapter

  • The "Show, Don't Tell" technique

  • Characterization and Suspense

  • Overcoming Writer's Block

  • Editing and Revising 

  • Creating a Book Cover

Writing with Pen


My name is Timothy Flemming, Jr.

I am the founder of T&J Publishers. I am also an author and award-winning writer. Since 2010, I've helped countless authors write and publish their books. I've worked with all types of authors, from reality television show stars to celebrity athletes to pastors, life coaches, and more. Writing is my gift; helping people share their stories with the world is my passion.

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"I am very pleased and I thank God for the work He did through you. Yes, I would recommend others to you. You are gifted at what you do. Thanks so much for everything!"

Dr. Jeri Godhigh, GA

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